Real time Email validation API

Checks for email delivirablity, data braches and much more

And so much more...

There's too many amazing features to list, but here are a few of our favorites.

Unmatched Email Accuracy

Mailcheck's real-time connection to the recipient's SMTP server guarantees unparalleled accuracy for email verification, ensuring your communication reaches its intended destination without fail.

Dedicated to Privacy

Privacy is at the core of Mailcheck services. We ensure that once email verification is complete, all associated data is irrevocably erased from our systems, adhering to the strictest privacy standards.

Extensive Email Verification

Mailcheck offers a thorough email validation process, checking MX records, SMTP, catch-all addresses, disposable emails, data breaches and more, to provide an all-encompassing email verification service.

Data Breach Monitoring

Enhance your security with Mailcheck's data breach monitoring feature, which checks if email addresses have been compromised in data breaches, adding an extra layer of protection for your users.

Powerful REST API Integration

Our robust REST API, crafted with GO for optimal performance, allows for effortless integration of Mailcheck's email verification into any project or workflow.

Scalable Email Verification Solution

Mailcheck is engineered as a scalable Docker container solution, ready to expand its email verification capabilities in line with your business growth.


Options for every usecase


For new makers who want to fine-tune and test an idea.

$0 /month

What's included

  • No credit card required.
  • Fully featured email validation.
  • 50 Free API calls per month.


For creators with multiple ideas to test and refine them.

$20 /month

What's included

  • 5,000 API calls per month.(launch offer)
  • $0.0125/call after 5,000 calls.
  • Fully featured email validation.


For small business users who want to build a robust product.

$400 /month

What's included

  • 50,000 API calls per month.(launch offer)
  • $0.01/call after 50,000 calls.
  • Fully featured email validation.
  • Bulk csv upload


For custom enterprise level requirements.


What's included

  • Custom pricing
  • Custom limits
  • Self hosted API